Homeopathy Books

For self prescribing at home

Dr Andrew Lockie The Family Guide to Homeopathy: The Safe Form of Medicine for the Future 

Tricia Allen Your Healthy Child with Homeopathy: A Practical Guide to Parents

Students of School of Homeopathy Get Well Soon

Colin Griffiths The Practical Handbook of Homoeopathy: The How, When, Why and Which of Home Prescribing

General homeopathy books

Amy Lansky Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy

Amy's book is an amazing exploration into her son's recovery from autism and homeopathic theory and principles.

Philip Bailey Homeopathic Psychology: Personalities of the Major Constitutional Remedies: Personality Profiles of the Major Constitutional Remedies

Philip's book delves into the personality profiles of core constitutional remedies. A must read for anyone interested in the depth of remedies.

Colin Griffths The Companion to Homoeopathy: The Practitioner's Guide 

Colin's book is an amazing in-depth read into everything you've ever wanted to know about homeopathy and answers all the questions you have ever wanted to ask your homeopath.