Gut health

Personally I’ve never ‘bought’ into the idea of tests as I don’t like ‘labels.’ For true healthcare is all about treating the individual. So on my daughter’s personal healing journey I resisted getting a GI-MAP test for years since it was costly and I was sceptical. How I wish I’d just bitten the bullet at the start. While homeopathy was a HUGE part of our healing journey it was the GI-MAP test that helped unstick us when we could not resolve chronic tummy aches. The GI-MAP t

Ditch & switch part 1 - Arsenicum !

Do you have a homeopathy kit and do you know how to use it? These kits cost from £30-50 and contain the top remedies for acute ailments. Whilst there are numerous potential homeopathic remedies for stomach issues , arsenicum is the number 1 for diarrhoea, traveller’s tummy and food poisoning. It’s characterised physically by upset stomach with anxiety and chilliness. Despite feeling cold the patient may complain of burning pains. They don’t want to be left alone and may have