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Personally I’ve never ‘bought’ into the idea of tests as I don’t like ‘labels.’ For true healthcare is all about treating the individual. So on my daughter’s personal healing journey I resisted getting a GI-MAP test for years since it was costly and I was sceptical. How I wish I’d just bitten the bullet at the start. While homeopathy was a HUGE part of our healing journey it was the GI-MAP test that helped unstick us when we could not resolve chronic tummy aches. The GI-MAP test showed us she still had a huge amount of opportunistic bacteria but most impressively it indicated that her pancreas and stomach acid needed support - it was THIS that was allowing the opportunistic ‘bad’ bacteria to take over. Simple dietary changes and a personalised supplement to help increase stomach acids stopped her stomach aches almost instantly!

It was also able to rule issues out so I no longer had to waste energy on whether parasites etc might be a problem.

True holistic healthcare needs a truly holistic approach where we look at diet, homeopathy, primary foods etc together. This is why I’m so delighted to be partnering up with my sister, Mia Strbac, who is a nutritionist (and heap of other amazing things too - check out her profile here ), to provide new clients with a fully integrated wellness package. As an optional extra GI-MAP tests and HTMA tests will also be available and you will receive a personalised health plan following the results. Bookings are now being taken for Autumn/Fall 2022.

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