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How do I know if I am healing? The Law Of Cure

What does healing under homeopathy look like? For those new to all of this, it's worth a very brief recap of what homeopathy actually is - homeopathy is based around the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself. The body has a natural intelligence - for example, we instinctively know how to heal a wound or fight off a cold and the body will always attempt to remain healthy and balanced. Homeopathic remedies are given with the aim of triggering the body’s own healing mechanisms.

When using conventional medicine a drug treatment may reduce or eliminate symptoms but there is a significant difference between symptomatic relief and real cure of disease*. Hering, the early pioneer of homeopathy in the US, outlined the homeopathic Law of Cure as shown below. (As an interesting side note, Hering was actually engaged to write a book confuting homeopathy. However, upon investigating homeopathy's clinical claims for himself and receiving homeopathic treatment for a wound which saved his finger, life for him took a very different turn).

So what does this Law of Cure look like in real life?

  1. Healing from top to bottom? When a natural healing process occurs symptoms tend to move down the body, for example, joint pains may move from shoulders to hips, then to legs.

  2. Healing in reverse order as symptoms appeared? When the body is involved in a natural healing process, old symptoms which have been suppressed or incompletely cured may return, and in the reverse order of their original appearance. So if a patient presents with asthma, and used to have eczema, the asthma will normally resolve first. The eczema may resurface and be the last to resolve. This also demonstrates laws 3 and 4 below, healing from within (lungs) to without (skin) and from more important (lungs) to less important (skin) organs.

  3. Healing from within to without? This means we must allow the body to cleanse and eliminate toxins without suppressing any kind of discharge. Most over-the-counter medications suppress discharges which can mean the toxins can go deeper into the body and create other weaknesses. When deep healing is taking place the body should be allowed to cleanse itself without interruption by suppressive substances. We often see in the course of deep healing that as mental/emotional symptoms clear the individual develops a rash, discharge, diarrhea etc. It is as if the body is casting out the disease.

  4. From more to less important organs? When the body is involved in a natural healing process, symptoms tend to move from more to less vital organs. For example, as depression/anxiety/panic attacks clears the patient may develop symptoms on a physical level such as a rash or digestive disorders. Brain and emotional functions are more central than digestion and skin. If these symptoms are allowed to evolve without suppression the patient will continue towards a desired goal of cure.

So that about sums up The Law of Cure. Conventional medicine generally believes that health problems are cured by removing (i.e suppressing) symptoms or the diseased organ which is not functioning correctly. When embarking on homeopathy it is worth becoming familiar with the Law of Cure as it can be quite a change from the conventional view of cure.

Happy healing!

* Disclaimer - We are not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions and no claim is made above.

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