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A revolutionary, truly holistic, root cause online clinic

The future of healthcare has arrived! Diet, homeopathy, supplements and primary foods all play their part in helping the individual to regain their health. However until now it’s not been easy to find a practitioner or clinic that integrates all these healing modalities.... until now! 

As well as being able to see Lisa for standalone Homeopathy appointments, at the Raw Health Clinic you also have the option to select an online Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy initial appointment. This consists of an in depth 2.5 hour consultation with both Mia Strbac (Nutrition) and Lisa Strbac (Homeopathy) where we cover the following:

  • Your health and well-being goals

  • Your medical history to date

  • Your health timeline 

  • Your current diet and fitness regime 

  • Your primary foods 

  • A full homeopathic case history 

Following this COMBINED consultation you will be provided with a fully integrated, tailored and personalised health plan and report with recommended supplements, where relevant. Where we can we always aim to recommend lifestyle changes and supplements in their natural form. You will also be prescribed individualised homeopathic remedies selected specifically for you.

If you are in the UK the homeopathic remedies are included within the fee and will be sent by first class post. If outside of the UK, you will be sent a prescription and details of a local pharmacy where you can obtain the remedies.

After the first consultation we may recommend one or a combination of the following:

  • Hair Tissue Mineral (HTMA) testing to examine potential detox issues

  • GI-MAP test to examine gut health 

  • Nutritional follow up with Mia

  • Homeopathy follow up with Lisa

Lisa also offers standalone Homeopathy appointments which are available to book here

Raw Health Clinic - for a truly integrated holistic approach - the future of healthcare has arrived! 

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led by Lisa Strbac

'I am a fully qualified homeopath and Integrated Nutrition Health Coach. Read more about my personal story here.

I am so excited to be working at the virtual Raw Health Clinic with my sister Mia to provide you with the most cutting edge, integrated and root cause holistic healthcare possible. 

I believe the deepest healing comes from combining both homeopathy and nutrition to deliver the most effective and powerful healing results. Whilst I will still be offering limited standalone homeopathy appointments,  I strongly recommend that for your initial consultation you book in for our Integrated Nutrition & Homeopathy 2.5 hour package where you will be seen by both me and Mia so we can deep dive into your current health issues and maximise your healing.'



led by Mia Strbac

'I am a fully qualified nutritionist and homeopath. I am passionate about health, nutrition, general well-being and happiness. I see myself as a health detective trying to establish the root cause of why we get sick and what we can do about it. 

For 22 years I was a Detective in the Police where I developed my sleuthing abilities. I then became interested in mental health and the benefits of exercise on the mind leading me to qualify as a level 4 Personal Trainer. 

I am also a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner and have an MSc in Forensic Psychology.

I live in East Sussex close to the beautiful Ashdown Forest where I enjoy going for lovely long walks. I live with my partner and our mischievous furbaby,  Angus the cat. I am really excited about working with my sister Lisa where we can combine our knowledge and passion to aid you in your healing.'