I gave my daughter the remedy on Monday night and Tuesday morning she was interacting with me more and saying loads of words again. She seemed to be back with and us not so trancey - it is amazing!


My son is back to his happy go lucky self after going through a period of extreme fear and panicking after a set of unfortunate events. His anxiety was affecting the whole family and was very distressing, I felt completely helpless and then I found Lisa. The change in him is astounding, he is calm and settled and his fears have disappeared! It has been life changing for our family, I can't thank Lisa enough, she is nothing short of amazing!


Within a few months of treatment my panic attacks have completely stopped and my anxiety levels have massively reduced.


My periods have become very manageable since I've started homeopathy. I haven't had to miss any work for months. I'm seeing massive improvements.


‘R’s tooth abscess disappeared after taking your remedies .......literally next day. Everything: swelling, redness, pain .....and without dentist intervention, antibiotics or even painkillers. Thank you so much.


The remedy has immediately had some effect on J as she has started trying to say more words!!! It’s amazing.


I gave her the first dose as instructed. For the past two nights, she has gone to sleep more easily (without needing me to be next to her) and has slept through until 7:30am! No night terrors :)


The remedy is working brilliantly, she hasn’t projectile vomited since starting it.


My 2 year old's eczema resolved completely within 6 weeks of treatment and did not return!


I suffered with years of recurrent bronchitis. Every winter I would be on repeated antibiotics. My bronchitis went after only one remedy and this year I haven't had any repeated episodes!


I'm noticing a massive shift since I started taking the remedies. I don't think I've ever felt pride in myself like this before.


'The remedy was like magic. I feel less anxious and I slept through for the first time in a very long time.'