‘Authentic. Honest. Love this. I found Lisa through Instagram and came across her podcast on homeopathy and some of the guests she has had on recently. It’s really awesome to be part of someone’s journey into podcasting and Lisa provide authentic and honest views and conversations with some really interesting and fun guests.I can’t believe more people haven’ty reviewed this podcast. It’s definitely one to get in on as it grows/ Keep doing your thing Lisa - I am excited to see who you have on in the future.’


'Seriously this was great high level discussion that could rival any top podcast out there. Well done Lisa!'


‘I've been listening to Lisa's podcast you kindly sent me the link for and I totally agree. It was revelatory. Thank you for giving me the gift of how to heal. I think I'm turning the corner, especially with hearing the podcast.’


'I absolutely love listening to these podcasts. So interesting, informative and true with a nice mix of guests. Keep them coming!'


‘I absolutely love Lisa’s podcasts, each one covers relevant ‘of the moment topics’. I’ve learnt about homeopathy, permaculture, how to heal yourself naturally and much more. Lisa has a lovely relaxed approach and I feel as if I am listening to friends chatting, her passion for the topics always shines through. I find myself going for a run so I can listen to the next one! Keep them coming Lisa!’


‘Refreshing and down to earth. I love this podcast. I found Lisa and listened to 5 in one day, honest, refreshing and spot on with what’s going on in today’s current situation. The feeling of what I was feeling came through with the discussions of guests that gave me a sense of relief that I wasn’t alone and that others were voicing my concerns and feelings too. Give it a listen and you won’t be disappointed.’


‘My favourite podcast to listen to. I’ve never missed any of Lisa’s podcasts since the beginning. I find them very educational, entertaining, positive and authentic. I love the guests she chooses to interview.  I am greatly interested in natural health and I align and learn so much from the guests and Lisa herself. Great job Lisa! Keep spreading the message of raw health (real health) but most of all keep being that beacon of light and do no allow anyone to dim it!’


'Amazing podcast - thank you for sharing your story. I did have goosebumps and watery eyes at parts as I was the same suppressing the healing and I know it was also the vaccines that damaged my two. It’s such a nice feeling to know that I’m doing the right thing as you feel so small compared to everyone else who does what’s recommended from NHS and especially now with the corona vaccine and being made to do things it’s such a difficult journey to go alone, I sometimes forget there are a lot of other people similar to me but no one I know so that's why your podcast was really great for me to listen to right now. '


'Wow, that was really powerful to hear.  You came across as so sincere and genuine, I'm impressed that you've got the courage to do this.  Looking forward to hearing the next one.'


'I listened twice and it was amazing, your introduction, going through the whole story.  It is not only personal, it is educational, well presented with necessary explanations.  Your rhythm was perfect ; nothing over the topic; noting too much ...just perfectly professional in its best sense . And I loved your ending : what is your message  to this world, your beliefs .....Well Done, Lisa. My inner being, or inner spirit, got touched and inspired.'


‘I feel so empowered after listening to Lisa and her guests.’