100% of attendees would recommend and 5* rated

My only wish is that I had found homeopathy sooner...Your courses Lisa have been so amazing - you are so knowledgeable and the confidence you have given me life changing. Thank you'

I'm still on a bit of high from Saturday! It felt like such a safe space, the energy was incredible and talking/learning more about a topic I have recently become fascinated with made it an amazing and life changing few hours!



I just want to say thank you for last night. It was incredible, I learnt so much and I really think that it’s lit a spark in me for Homeopathy. I cannot wait to learn and understand more and more.

Thanks again, can’t wait to join you for more workshops in the future.

Fabulous presentation. I really enjoyed the class and your passion and knowledge of the subject matter are obvious to all.  You should feel very proud Thanks once again and I look forward to your next class!



I’ve got my youngest through a week of temperatures & a horrid cough just using my homeopathy kit 😄 called Helios when I was unsure between a couple of remedies and they were super helpful.

Thank you for giving me the confidence not to reach for the calpol!

What a lovely morning, thank you for all the knowledge. Excited to get started, great energy.



I just want to say a huge thank you SO much for a brilliant 2 hour homeopathy course. I came away feeling much more confident in using my home kit. I would love to do more online courses with you.

Great exchange of energies. Heart felt time spent with you all. Thank you so much for having me.



 It was absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing.  You explained everything so clearly and it’s definitely sparked huge interest in me to explore further. 

That resonated so much. Thank you! You've made me really inquisitive to understand homeopathy deeper.



Thank you so much for the workshop last night. It was so good and you were fab!

That was so brilliant, thank you so much! 

You explained everything in a very engaging way with slides that helped me connect everything you were saying (through your words and the visuals) and at a good pace. I have been on [X] courses which were brill, but I was able to grasp more of the principles and the whys from you as you paced it so well. Thanks so so much! The principles and whys is what feels more empowering. 

I’d love to train to be a homeopath one day but we shall see what is possible. You’ve really inspired me. 



I just wanted to thank you so much for the brilliant workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed it, you gave us so much great information and I now feel confident to start using homeopathy for myself and my family. I can’t wait to get a kit and a book and get going. 

I was lucky enough to have a mum interested in homeopathy so I grew up with it but got out of the habit of using it in my adult years. I never actually knew how the remedies are made and understanding about the energy from them is fascinating.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Having this information right now is so vital.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the workshop on Wednesday. You made it so easy to follow and its its really inspired me to delve a bit deeper into Homeopathy.



Loved it! Thank you so much

Was brilliant. I'm so glad I signed up. Definitely feel much more confident with it now so thank you!



Thank you so much for today, I found it very informative and extremely interesting.

Thanks so much for the workshop, I  thoroughly enjoyed it!



Lisa your teaching style is fantastic! It helps to hear personal stories because they are what add life to the learning and lodge with you. Thank you x

Thank you so much Lisa, I really enjoyed the two courses and loved how you explained everything so well so that everyone can understand, thanks again very grateful for you doing these short courses ❤️



Excellent introductory course and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you 🌸

Loved it. Thank you x



Homeopathy and Home for eventbrite.png


No homeopathy knowledge required!

In this beginner's live 2 week webinars I will take you through the core fundamentals of Homeopathy and Homeopathic prescribing. Never before has it been more important to understand the true meaning of health and to have self help tools at our disposal.

We cover:

- What is health, dis-ease, suppression and symptoms

- Why we get sick

- Core homeopathic principles such as the Law of Similars, the Single Remedy & the Minimum Dose 

- What does true healing look like?

- How to select a remedy & when to repeat

- How remedies are made & potencies

- Fever management and how to support naturally

- Top 10 homeopathic remedies for acute illnesses

Webinar class size is kept small so there is plenty of chance to ask questions.

All webinars are recorded and slides email after.




The workshop was set up extremely well, it covered many aspects of homeopathy & self-healing, given plenty of supporting references and a holistic approach with ability to also ask questions and comment (interactiveness) worked great! Personalization of keeping it in a small group also another plus. Lisa is such a radiant, humble and authentic person, I strongly suggest anyone interested in learning the basics to join her courses, definitely won’t be disappointed!